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  • Hi Cindy,
    Actually, we do both..
    If they are 99 cent CDs that have $5.95 S&H, we burn them in house, as it is cheapest.
    But, if they are something like $2.95 + $9.95 S&H or higher prices, we have a manufacturer make them for us, as it is cheaper and more professional (looks just like what you see in a store).
    There are about 30 GOOD CD products that regularly sell on eBay.  Some are similar to the eBooks you see..  The advantage of having them on CD is you can charge more in the shipping costs..  You basically slide your profit into the shipping costs..
    Its really funny..  For instance, woman generally are the bargain hunters, right? 

    Well, when I sell this 99 cent recipe CD they buy it, even if some miss the note that the shipping is $5.95 they still pay it, as in their mind, they only paid 99 cents for it and it just costs $5.95 to ship..  
    Its physcological, for when I put the price at $5.95 + $0.99 S&H, there were a lot less sales. Its the exact same price, but its all physcological.
    So, when $10 type items, its always good to move the price into the shipping.
    Some of the TOP sellers of accessories on eBay do this to the extreme.
    For instance, this one was selling headphones for $0.99 cents, but the shipping was $11.95..   What's so funny is probably about 85% of them still pay the shipping and do not back out..  But, if it was $11.95 + $0.99 S&H, they would make virtually no sales.
    You can even take any of these eBooks (about 100) on my website and put them on CDs and sell them..  You only need a few good selling CDs.. 
    Some common topics for CDS:
    1. Recipes
    2. Children's Games
    3. Children's Education Materials.
    4. Fix your PC.
    5. Spy on Anyone.
    6. Bible Book CD.
    7. Secular Historical/Philosophical/Fictional Book CD.
    8. Birthday Interesting Facts Software on CD (makes a printout of interesting facts, figures on someones birthday).
    9. Database Software for Collectibles.. You can branch out and cover a lot of categories using different titles..  Database for beenie babies, coins, stamps, etc..
    Tons more..
    I talked to you the other day on the phone, you gave me a companies name that sells pallets below warehouse prices.  I have a question for you, when I look at your feedback you sell smaller items that seem to be easier.  CD's example in bulk.  Did you make the CD's? or do you buy them in bulk.  I think if you got a good niche that would be great.  I think I am looking for ideas.  Please help....
    I appreciate your time. 

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