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  • Hi Cathy,
    With pallets, there are a few options..  You should carefully think them through to see which is best..
    If you are thinking small, what you could do is get small item pallets, where there are 60 or so items on one pallet.  This gives you a lot more items per pallet and saves room.  You can order a "lift gate" to be on the truck upon delivery, which will mean it has a mechanism for it to be lowered to the ground.  Then, if you only have a couple pallets, you can just breakdown the pallets and put the items where you want at your house (basement, extra room, garage, etc). I have put it in just about all of those places, including an attic! 
    If you are thinking big, you can sometimes find a local warehouse, where you can rent space..  I rent space from one warehouse and they only charge $5 a month per pallet.  But, when I take a pallet out, it also costs me $5 bucks, as they do a fork lift service.  Then, I have them transfered to my brothers for him to go through and he has a pallet jack (pretty inexpensive) and he can move the pallets around easily with it in his garage.
    Jewelry is very small, so I see what you are refering too.  Basically, there are a lot of smaller type items..  Smaller electronics, smaller goods of various sorts..  For instance, a camera or phone are both small, yet pretty expensive..  Jewelry would work also..
    Do you want to know where to get jewelry salvage?  I could find some good ones for you, if you want.. Just say the word..
    AUTOMATED EBOOK BIZ.  I will send you another email in a minute about this..  I thought I might have sent it before, but I guess not..

    Cathy Nagy <> wrote:

    Thanks so much for all of the information that you
    have given me so far. My big concern with ordering
    pallets is that I have no way to unload them from the
    truck or any place to store them. Do you know of a
    jewelry outlet of something else that would be small?
    Also, how soon will I be receiving the atuomated ebook
    business from the auction? I am hoping to get things
    off the ground with it. Please let me know.



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