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  • Hi Cathy,
    Actually, eBay made an even more convienient way to automate eBooks, other than our system.  Basically, you can now upload your eBook to eBay when you are making the auction and it will automatically deliver the eBook for you when it sells and is paid for...  They started this like about 10 days ago, no joke..  There are still a couple advantages to the old system, but this system eBay made is a lot easier to setup, as there is basically nothing to do but upload your eBook when making the auction.  Here is the details on this:
    Now, the above is just for the mechanism of delivery of eBooks.  But, it does not tell you HOW to sell eBooks. 
    HOW to sell eBooks is FAR more relevant, as if you do not know how to sell, you are not going to make much money..  About 90% of those selling eBooks really do not know what they are doing..
    For instance, their pricing strategy generally follows a false precept that the "lowest price wins".  So, often, these sellers will try to beat each other at having the lowest price, hence silly prices like $0.30 cents!  No joke, they go that low.. 
    The funny part is that concept is TOTALLY INACCURATE.  You can often make MORE sales by having a higher price..  Price is not the determinator to a sale.  Selling is more complex than that..
    Generally a better rule to follow is:
    1. Try to sell at the highest price people are willing to pay..  I show you how to determine this below..
    2. Create a quality ad and back it up with a solid price..  Why build the value in the customer's mind to shoot it down with an inferior price?
    3. Differentiate your auctions style and look from the others and attempt to show that yours is better or different, even if you are technically selling the same eBook, in certain situations..  Its how you go about it.. 
    Basically, I think you should focus on one good eBook, write a killer ad, which I can help you with (I have a tutorial on this on .  Let me find the tutorial:
    These give a crash course in writing very good sales ad copy.  These are very effective techniques that I have taken directly from books I have bought on the subject.
    1. Find one of the better, more popular, higher priced or potentially higher priced eBook to sell.  Whether or not they sell at a high price, try to gage the "value" to the customer, as you can often sell at a high price next to a competitor's low price and STILL get the sale and I will tell you why below.
    2. Write a good advertisement per the tutorials above.
    3. Brainstorm all the categories.
    4. Brainstorm all the keywords.
    * Look for one in the list that seems like someone "might" pay a good chunk of money for AND would seem like many would want it. 
    * Then, do searches on eBay using related keywords to that eBook.  FIRST, do not be shocked if you see it selling for a low price.  The key is that they have fallen for the "low price trap" believing no one will buy if its a higher price.  Its a bunch of bull.  To clearly demonstrate this to you, consider my "Powerseller Coaching" I sold you.  There are MANY selling similar products for low prices.  But, you bought from me, right?  Now, ask yourself, if I would have sold it for $5 bucks to you, would you have thought it was worth anything?  Probably not?  WHY?  Here is the SECRET.  Its so simple..  Basically, you write a SOLID AD and then back up the ad with a SOLID PRICE.  You build up the value in their mind and meet the value with a price..
    Side Note: (To see prices items sell for: do a search on the product, check the "completed items" box on the left side menu and click, "show items" button.  Then, click on the price link at the top of the page once and then twice.  This will display the highest price your item will sell at.  Here is an example:
    I explain the above, below, in more details:
    A. Designing a "Solid" Ad using Sales Copy Writing Techniques.
    B. Adjusting the price.
    C. Expanding and Selecting the Best Categories.
    D. Expanding and Selecting the Best Keywords.
    "A" is probably the easiest.  Basically, use standard sales copy techniques to write your ad.  What I did was goto a book store, find a book on writing "sales copy" or "sales ads".  Could be one of those "Sales Ad Writing for Dummies" books..  It might take you a full 4+ hours to write a killer ad, but once you are done, you will have to do little editing to it in the future.  Just read the book, or skim it, highlight the good stuff and apply it to your ad.  I have a "crash course" on my website: if you want to just do the basics..
    "B" Is like a lab experiment..  "B" is actually the last thing you do of all the steps..  Basically, figure out A, C and D and then just pick a good B to start out.. Then, over time, maybe every week, try a new price, see how the sales go.  ALSO, higher prices sometimes can bring in MORE sales, so never hesitate to try higher prices and lower prices.. The idea is to analyze the "profit" that the prices generate.. The one that generates the highest profit is the one you keep.
    "C" and "D" are also rather simple, if you do them correctly.  For categories, basically you just do searches for related items and look to the left side menu on the search result page, and it will list all the categories they are listed in.  Also, you can just navigate through all the main categories to see which categories throughout all the categories relate to your product.. Generally, you should be able to find a BARE minimum of 3 to 5 categories to list one product in.
    For keywords, its simple also, if you know what you are doing..  Basically, one good method is to just open MS Word and just start brainstorming related keywords to your product..  Make sure to think of famous words that relate, including competitor brand names that you can somehow put a word or two of in the title.. So, you can use the Thesaurous on MS Word to give you even more words than the ones you just brainstormed..  THEN, you can go over to Overture's Keyword Suggestion Tool to see how popular the words are and to find other popular words that are related:
    Believe it or not, if you just do trial and error with the above, you can easily after a month's time have solid sales and profit on various products you resell over and over..
    You have seen some of my products, right?  Some of them I have been selling since I started selling on eBay practically!   I am STILL selling them for profit! 
    ALSO, once you have done the above several times over a couple years, you get SO GOOD at it that you practically don't have to do ANY trial and error..
    You will have to do a little still, but it is far easier and you can do it sometimes in a week or two's time..

    Cathy Nagy <> wrote:

    Thanks so much for all of the information that you
    have given me so far. My big concern with ordering
    pallets is that I have no way to unload them from the
    truck or any place to store them. Do you know of a
    jewelry outlet of something else that would be small?
    Also, how soon will I be receiving the atuomated ebook
    business from the auction? I am hoping to get things
    off the ground with it. Please let me know.



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