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  • Hi Lin,
    You could buy a pallet of computers, sell them all and keep one.
    For instance, I sell camcorders, vacuums, PS2s, etc and I can just keep one if I want one, as with one camera I kept.
    You can get all of these type items, computers, etc as "salvage" for about 30% of the wholesale price..  They are returns/overstocks from chain stores..
    For instance, here is one company that sells salvage product and likely computer salvage also:
    You have to buy often a couple pallets..  Each pallet could have 15 computers on it.. Generally, a pallet can cost around $800..
    Then, you just resell for about double what you paid.. Keep one of the computers, as you sell the others..
    I will send you some of the sections in another email in a minute..

    Lin Boutelle <> wrote:
    The 2 links that you sent work.

    Would it be to much trouble to send me all of the sections.  That way I can have them on hand and refer to them as needed.

    The first thing that I am going to do once I am in profit is to buy me a new computer, anmd it won't be a dell.  Do you know of any dropshippers that have good deals on Desktops?

    Thank you very much.

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