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  • Hi James,
    Sounds like you are familiar with eBay and have your whole office setup, which is a good start..
    Believe it or not, there is one thing I could tell you now, which I think might be up your alley.
    You are into guitars and golf, right?
    You can buy such items on eBay in lots and sometimes not in lots and turn around and resell them on eBay..  It might be something for you to try later, or now, depending on your proficiency. 
    I do it with consumer electronics..  I will buy items that I have found to sell for almost double in the past..  So, I will buy say a 100 ipod speaker accessories and turn around and sell them individually for profit on eBay..
    You can do this on eBay with guitars and golf items (maybe in lots or maybe individually), but you have to know how to look and how to determine the items value to eBay customers.. 
    I have TONS of ideas..  The above is just one idea..  I can also tell you an easier way to sell, that is less comprehensive..  For instance, you can buy salvage/overstock/returns of guitars or sports equipment from warehouses that buy from the chain stores..   Generally you pay about 30% of the wholesale price for the item..  But, there might be a nick, scratch, etc that will be on it (or missing the strings, etc)..  That is why they were returns..  Generally, you can make double of what you paid..
    The first idea I told you above, because I think you might be able to hack it..  I am pretty sure most can not, as you have to be pretty procient and good with math and quick..
    The salvage way is just about as profitable and it might be easier overall. 
    Please write back with your thoughts and we will go from there..


    JamesHendricks <> wrote:
    Hello Tony,
    I wanted to get back to you and answer your email. First of all I want to say thank you. I'm looking forward to starting my eBay business and I appreciate your coaching offer. I am hoping to benefit from your experience and start a successful business myself. I do have a full time career as a construction superintendent for a developer, but my goal is to transition from my full time career to a home business that will support my lifestyle and replace my current income. ( Gee...that sounds a lot like what everyone wants to do. Ha Ha). I'm tired of the stress and driving, but it is a very good job so I won't jump ship until my business profitability is assured.
    I am no stranger to eBay. I have been buying on the site for some time, and I have been researching and reading about successful sellers on eBay. Books and audio books. However this year I am dedicating myself to getting my own eBay business started. That is why I was drawn to your eBook offer and subsequently why I purchased it. I thought it would be a good way to get started, along with some mentoring,  while I decide on what of online store and products to sell. Just so you know, even though I am in construction management, I am also highly computer literate. My home office is already fully functional, I have a wireless network set up, wireless laptops, high end desktop computer, office machines, digital camera, digital camcorder, etc.
    As far as what I want to do and sell on eBay goes, I'm flexible as long as it's profitable and I'm able to grow the business. My hobbies are golf, music, movies. I'm drawn to the golf industry since that is my main passion. But I also play guitar and love home theater and audio.
    My plan is to review the information on your web site, set up my automated eBook business to get my feet wet selling, and then as I learn more to start setting up more of an online presence. I know eBay is one of the very few great opportunities to start a business with low overhead and tremendous upside potential. So, I am a willing and motivated student. Let me know what your thoughts are.
    I do work long hours during the work week, but I can spend time in the evening and weekends working on the business.
 I go to review your website.
    James Hendricks ( JamesHendricks2004)

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