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  • Hi Cathy,
    Here are a few for jewelry.  You will have to call them to find out how to get their "manifests" or "list of items" on each pallet.
    Best idea would be to call them to get some bearing, as you are new to this..  Ask them what companies the returns come from and then you can decide which type of store would have the jewelry you were thinking of..  For instance, Mervins might sell jewelry you like so finding which one of these companies below gets the returns from Mervins would be a good one to buy from..  Or maybe JC Pennies, Target, whatever.. I am no "jewelry" type person, as I am a guy, so I am not sure which stores are the best, but I know below, many are represented..
    These guys do small electronics: 
    These guys do both jewelry and electronics: 
    Also, you can get small electronics in "lots" on eBay..  For instance, you can buy say iPod accessory lots on eBay and turn around and sell them individually.  Often, accessories for PDAs, camcorders, ipods, computers, etc can be bought in "lots" for cheap and turn around and sold on eBay..  I can give you an example if you would like..
    ALSO, when it says something like "Sears", you might assume that Sears would have no jewelry, but when it says "Sears" it is also refering to companies it owns, such as "Banana Republic" and other small mall stores that "Sears" owns.
    I believe Sears owns "JC Pennys" also..  I could be wrong, though..  Its kind of like how GM owns, Chevy, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, etc..
    Call some of the companies above and ask them some questions..  They can tell you who they get their returns from..  Ask them for "manifests" of the pallets..  They might tell you to sign up for their newsletter or email list to get the "manifests" or current pallets..  Don't buy unless they can give manifests..  They might even opt to fax it to you, as they have done that for me..
    After you get a few manifests, come back here and I will show you how to determine the value of the items on the manifest, so you can gage if it is worth your time to buy and sell..

    Cathy Nagy <> wrote:
    Yes, please send me a supplier for jewelry and small

    Thanks for your help.


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