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  • Hi Cathy,
    To get cheap picture hosting, here are a few websites:
    Regarding the websites I gave you,
    I just looked at jdclosehouts, and it does not look like a dropshipping company at all.  It shows pallets at prices of $800.  You need to call them for manifests or ask them how to obtain manifest (list of items on pallets). 
    $800 is very reasonable number from my experience with a pallet.  We are not talking about $800 of wholesale items, but rather probably more like $3000 of wholesale or $4000 of retail products for $800.  So, you pay like 30% of wholesale..
    TDW Closeouts appears to be selling pallets also of goods..  So, its not a dropshipper either.  You need to call these places as they do not usually put their pallet lists online..  They want you to call, or receive a fax of the list of pallets, or request it by email or sign up with their email list.
    So, you have to request, personally, for a list of their pallets with manifests.. 
    Write me back when you get a few manifests from them.  Then, I can show you how to analyze the manifest to see if it will be a good value to buy. 
    I will show you how to figure it for yourself and how it all works when you get a few pallet manifests from these companies..  You will be amazed at how easy it is..
    Then, I will show you how to protect your money, in the case of a company trying to send you substandard salvage..
    Greetings Tony,

    Everything you say here is very good.  I need to learn!  Which is why I came to you.  I also need to know the best places where I can get pictures hosted that won't cost me a lot.  I can write up my own auctions, I just don't want to pay eBay for the extra pictures I like to show in my auction listings and have heard there are places where you can host your pictures for very little, I just don't know where they are.

    Next, while I am willing to purchase an inventory, I need to know more about what is popular and what isn't and where to get it.  I have been researching ever since I received this email from you and so far, many of these places are just like the dropshipping sites.  They have inflated prices and a lot say you can resell their items on eBay.  It's hard to find something where you can make a profit.

    I agree about non-branded items.  I do not want anything to do with those items.

    It's late and I'm falling asleep.  Hope to write more tomorrow and get more ideas.



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