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  • Hi Gary,
    One, I generally do is put very small, not terribly popular items in my store..  To determine this, all I do list everything and when a small item does not sell after two or so auctions, I just put it in my store..  Eventually, it will sell, as the cool thing is even store items show up in the search results, just way at the bottom.  And if there is not a ton of that item, eventually, a customer will see it and buy..
    For instance, I just sold a battery today from my store that I had up in auctions for like three times..  Never sold in auction, but then after a week in the store, it sold..  Only costs 5 cents to put in the store..
    Two, I generally put extra stock of an item in the store..  For instance, if I have 20 of a certain guitar in a certain color, I can only list maybe two auctions for that guitar at that color at a time..  The rest, I can put in my store, in hopes someone will buy it there, while the other two are in auction..
    Three, you can put accessories for bigger items in your store and just list the main items in auctions and put links in your auctions to the accessories in the store and give a shipping discount if they buy the accessory.. 
    The KEY is to link store items in your auctions..
    ALSO, if you sell a TON of items (big seller), you can capitalize more and more on the store..  Kind of like how Walmart has loss leads to get you into their store..  BUT, this ONLY seems to work when you are a big seller..  A big seller would have more than 200 items, I would figure, selling at any one time..  I am hardly a big seller..  I am on the lower end.. There are guys with 10,000 auctions up at once..  But, they are not making JACK, either as they are selling goofy books or something cheap for a few bucks.. 

    Teresa Fredrickson <> wrote:
    Hey Tony
    How do you decide which items and how many of different items you put in the auction as apposed to just being in your store?

    Anthony W. <> wrote:
    HI Gary,
    No doubt it will work for you..
    Maybe you and I should have an altered ad to differentiate each other..
    The more variety, the better, from what I have seen with selling..


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