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  • Hi Murray,
    There are TONS of hot sellers, some all year round..
    For hot sellers, rather than thinking seasonal, consider rather technological.
    Generally, when you have a release of some new gizmo, that will be sometimes a killer on eBay.. For instance, iPODs are relatively recent and all the ACCESSORIES would be hot items..
    There are a gazillion iPOD accessories selling on eBay right now.. 
    A very simple trick:
    1. Think of a hot new gizmo selling.
    2. Check it out on eBay to see if it is selling like crazy.
    3. Find "Lots" of the item selling on eBay..  For instance, a lot of 100 small speakers for iPODs.
    4. Check what they will individually sell for.  Remember, people generally make a lot in the shipping.  So, if you see it selling for 99 cents, and $12 on the shipping, obviously they are banking on the shipping costs..  If they sell for say this price, that is $13 and it probably would only cost you $6 or so bucks to buy, sell and ship the item, so you would make $7 bucks per sale, if a lot of 100 was only say $350 or so.
    5. If you see a profit in buying the lot and selling them individually, BUY IT and give her a shot..
    I just bought a bunch of PDAs ..  50 in a lot and I will be turning around and reselling them for profit..  Matter of fact, I bought them yesterday..

    So, there are always "lots" of good items selling on eBay..

    Murray <> wrote:

    Been away for awhile but now I am back. I was able to access the
    website link you sent me using IE. Anyway, what's a hot seller this
    time of year?


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