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  • Hi Fraser,
    eBooks or DVDs are good, but what needs to be understood upfront is that the sale is 65% your marketing technique..  Sometimes, with eBooks, it can even be more than this.. 
    The problem is most simply have no clue how to market..  Even most gurus tell you half truths.. 
    Here are a couple very important tips you will likely not here other places:
    1. Differentiate yourself from the rest of the sellers of the same eBook.  Matter of fact, if you can make it almost sound like a TOTALLY different product, you are likely to be far better off.
    2. Do not be stupid like 90% of the other ebook sellers and put a low price on the eBook.. Some will sell for EVEN 1 PENNY..  Yes, so you might ask yourself, "how do I compete with that?"  EASY, those who sell it for a penny do NOT SELL IT WELL.
    3. Essentially, price scale has little to do with how many sales you get.. That is a little secret few know..  What I do is do a search on any given product, physical or electronic, do a HISTORY search, meaning past auctions by clicking on the "completed items" box on the left side menu and click the "Show items" button.  THEN, I tell it to show me the highest priced first..  I look for the highest priced green item.  That is generally the price I would sell at or a hair lower.. 
    That is the price someone is willing to pay for it in the instance of a good ad, generally speaking..
    4. Then, you need to write a REALISTIC, but compelling ad.  Most ads are sensationalistic and too low priced..  Hence, no one buys it..
    5.  The formula:
    Solid Ad + Solid Placement + Backed up with Solid Price = Kick butt sales.
    Look at the coaching you bought from me!  If I would have put the price at $10 bucks or $5 bucks, would you think it was worth anything?  Of COURSE NOT. 
    But, since I had a Solid Ad, Realistic Ad, Solid Product, Marketed Correctly and all Backed up with a Solid Price, people buy it.
    What MOST do is the knee jerk panic mode wrong thing..  They will do the exact opposite of what they should be doing..
    For instance, Lets say some beginner is selling an eBook.  He has a sensationalized ad.  Make millions easy, for instance.. His auction costs $5 bucks.. ACTUALLY, I just coached a guy on his very ad that was like this..  I told him what I am telling you here..
    The problem is why would anyone in their right mind tell you how to get rich for $5 bucks?  That is obviously not believable. But, if I tell you I will coach you for $100 bucks on how to make good money online (not millions, though I guess if you really work at it, its possible), it is believable.
    So, a beginner generally will panic when such an auction is doing back and will SENSATIONALIZE it MORE and lower the price MORE.   The exact Opposite of what he should do..  He should make it more realistic and raise the price..
    Buy realistic, I mean something that a standard person would believe..  Just ask yourself while writing an ad, will so and so believe this?  So and so can be someone who is a skeptic or just some normal joe..
    That is how I write all of my ads..  I put in as much as I can, using regular selling techniques..  I discuss regular selling techniqes on my website, so reference standard techniques there.. Like putting subtitles with benefits to customer in red and bold..
    Then, just make it realistic..  Don't exaggerate, basically..
    WRITE ME BACK ABOUT ELECTRONICS.  I will tell you very very good places to buy from..  Essentially, salvage, where you can get name brand product from chain store returns..  30% of wholesale is what you would pay..  It would be like TVs, VCRS, Hardware, clothing, whatever you see at chain stores like Best Buy, JC Pennys, etc..  Essentially, they are returns often, that can not be resold because of various factors, or they can be overstock..  Generally, a TV missing the remote would be something unsellable to Best Buy, so they sell it to you to get rid of it for 30% of wholesale..

    Fraser Baillie <> wrote:
    Hi Anthony,
    Good to hear from you.
    I have several ideas regarding products to sell via ebay.  I have resellers rights on many internet marketing products.  Some are ebooks, some DVD’s and some downloadable.  All are good quality information products aimed at people who are interested to learn more about how to make money online.
    I also like the idea of selling popular products such as electronics, fashion items etc… Items that with your help I could source at wholesale prices and sell on for a profit, time and time again.
    I am also keen to sell items that have sold well for other ebayer’s, perhaps in different countries, and look after the distribution in the UK.
    I am happy to be guided as to which of these approaches are likely to produce good profits. If you have items that sell well for you in the US, that I could sell here in the UK we could arrange a deal to benefit both of us?
    Look forward to your response.
    Kind Regards,
    Fraser Baillie

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