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  • Hi.
    Sorry about that..  I thought you were asking me to leave positive feedback for an auction you bought from me..
    I get it now..
    I am looking at your auction..  Here are a few tips regarding it:
    1. I would say the main problem is that it looks like all the rest.  They all include some picture of a "book" or "boxed product" and it says something like "instant riches, etc".  Also, even though it is decent ad copy, the style is exactly the same as all the rest also..
    In other words, generally, the money is where everyone else is not.  You have to do things differently and seperate yourself from the pack. 
    2. Sounds too good to be true.  I have found that the more realistic you are in an auction, the more sales you get.  Most mistake their not getting sales to mean their ad does not offer enough and they sensationalize it even more and get no increase in orders. 
    Truly, I have found that giving it to them straight in a realistic sounding fashion is the best by far..  I have had several buy from me and tell me my ad sounded more realistic..  For instance, on my TV Projector auction, many who sell this would say you can make the projector with "1 hours time and $20 worth of materials".  What I would say is something like "the others will tell you it only takes an hour to build, but it takes that long just to buy the materials.  Unless you are Bob Villa, set aside a half a day or more to this project.  It costs about $60 to make the projector".
    So, you can see, I compare my realistic statement to their inflated rediculous statement and it is very convincing.
    For example, with your auction, do not make it sound like you can make money super easy.  Everyone knows that that is not true.  Further, they know that it can't be true, as wouldn't you have more feedback and why would you be telling everyone?
    Rather, say that you just started doing it yourself and give real world examples of it working.  Or, if you don't have that, get another real world seller and tell everyone in your ad some real world data it works.  Also, make it sound like they have to do something and that they are not going to become millionaries..  FURTHER, distance yourself from all the fake sounding ads of your competitors.  Say, this is no get rich quick or Quixstar thing..  This is a real world oportunity..
    Question every sentence you write and ask yourself, is this believable?  Would I believe it if someone wrote it?  Or think of some one cynical you know, and ask yourself if they would believe it or atleast humor it?   If not, throw it out and write a new sentence..
    3. If you copied this ad from some "guru", rewrite it to be realistic as I mentioned above..  THE KEY to understanding any successful guru is to NOT listen to what they are telling you to do and RATHER watch what they do.  Save for the case of me, which I am actually honestly telling you something, rather than giving you some bullcrap on a stick as many of those "gurus" out there do.. 
    I often watch what the guru does and reverse engineer..  If you want, you can do that with my ads and other successful sellers..  You just look at their ad, and ask yourself why is it successful..  Brainstorm and write down all the possibilities and then cross off the unlikely through deduction and research..  That is how I do it..
    Generally, half of what the guru tells you is true, I have found.. You just need to be able to decipher what is bullcrap and what is truth..  Even many of the guys on TV late at night have half truth to what they are saying..  Most people just believe them hook, line and sinker and then later feel betrayed and just say they are fakes..  What I do is reverse engineer what they give me and figure out what is bullcrap and what is truth..
    Generally, they exaggerate what they say..  Just like I said above.. They will tell you it will only take ONE HOUR to do so and so..  Translate that to truth and it is more like FOUR HOURS..  So, basically, anything that sounds too easy, they are likely fudging it..
    4. ONE SOLID THING ABOUT YOUR AD is that you have the price higher..  This is a solid start..  Generally, people will get ancy when not getting orders and just keep lowering the price..  
    A. Offer "Make an Offer" on your auction.
    B. Make a more REALISTIC ad to back up your solid price..  This is the key and the OPPOSITE of what most would do when the sales are not coming in..
    Most would sensationalize the ad more and lower the price..  This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what is the correct thing to do..
    For some, they will believe $50.  For others $100..  Some are so cheap they will offer me $5 bucks, but I just laugh at them and not accept..  But, the idea is that everyone thinks it must be worth something BECAUSE it is:
    1. A realistic ad.
    2. A solid price to back up the realistic ad..
    3. I built up the value in their mind and it reached the price..
    Hi Tony,
    I think this was a misunderstanding.
    This is MY auction:
    And I kindly asked you for your feedback, i.e. your opinion about this sales letter. Is it good, is it bad, which enhancements do you recommend etc.
    I was NOT talking about eBay feedback :-))

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