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  • Hi Art,
    With every product and business venture there are the plus and minus sides to them.
    For some people a positive to them could be a negative to others..
    Further, I have found almost every type of business you do will have an element of complexity or difficulty to it..
    For DVD movies, the trick is to get the right supplier.  Its not as easy as it sounds, but if you do it, it can be worth a lot of money to you..
    I believe finding a DVD movie supplier might be more difficult than find a supplier for most anything else..  I could be wrong, but there are a lot of DVD movie suppliers out there that are cheap, but they do not supply the ideal movies..
    So, it is easy to find a cheap DVD movie supplier.  I could tell you ten right now, but I figure you are looking for the "Right" supplier, if you want to get into this..
    1. Dvd movies have an element of fickleness to them..  You have to know how to surf the waves of popularity..  Basically, if you can find a supplier that has the movies Blockbuster stocks on its shelves for a low price, you have hit the jackpot.
    2. So, I guess one of the easier ways to narrow down all the suppliers to find the right one would be to get a healthy list of the older popular movies stocked at Blockbuster and then get a healthy idea of the newer ones..  The older ones have a better shelf life as they are still popular even though its been years..  So, you can bank on them better than the new releases..
    3. Then, go through all the DVD suppliers out there..  Really simple to find them..  Just do a search on for "DVD wholesale bulk salvage pallets" something along that lines will get you tons of sellers..  I did a search a while back and it was not difficult to find many.. 
    4. Then, rather than just taking their word for it, you would have to ask them for a sample list of their movies..  If you have never heard of the movies and they do not really relate to what can be found on netflix or Blockbuster, they are likely not worth your time.. 
    5. I have seen tons of sellers on eBay, they get these $0.30 cent or $1 movies.  hundreds of them..  Then, they go to sell them, but because they are no name movies, they sell none..
    6. Variety of popular movies would likely be better than 100 of the same title, I don't care how popular the movie is..  So, you want variety also..
    As you can see, there is the element of getting the right movies for the right price..  If this is cool for you, you have a lot of the work tied up in getting the right supplier..  ONE OF THE TOP sellers on eBay, which I believe has the most feedback, has one of these KILLER suppliers of DVD movies.. But, of course, they will not tell you..  That would be insane..  Its worth probably over $100,000 just for the source..
    There are solutions for many of the objections you raised, but that is the case for almost any product..  There are always ways around seemingly difficult problems you can encounter.. 
    Tell me what you think about DVD selling idea considering the above..  This is what you will encounter and I am giving you a good idea of what is required to be successful doing it..  It comes down to the right source..  Then, after that, you have to logistically setup auctions to run and go up in mass bulk, but this is not as hard as finding the right source..  Marking, though, is the second hardest.. I know if I had the right source, I could set up the auctions.. 
    So, if you get the right source, I can show you a good approach to putting up mass auctions, if you are thinking about going big time with it..

    Godrules_NET <> wrote:
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Art Garmon
    Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2006 7:25 PM

    Hi Tony,
        Yes, I did receive both of the emails that you sent me. I think you must have confused me with someone else, though, because I received my welcome message from you on February 9th.
         In my previous message I indicated that I would get back to you after I did some research on wholesale lots on eBay and on the surplus/overstock web sites you referred me to. I would like to share what I'm thinking after doing several hours of research in these two areas.
         I think I would like to begin selling in the area of consumer electronics because that seems to be a pretty hot category. At the sites you referred to me I see that I can get closeout and returned electronics at very low prices, but I don't think that's the way I want to go, not unless I am able to buy only a few units at a time. Buying entire pallets of products has no appeal to me. I don't have a truck or equipment to pick up the merchandise, nor would I have the space to store much inventory. Plus, with the exception of CD and DVD players, I don't know much about the popular electronics like iPods and Xboxes. I'd have to educate myself, and with the way that technology changes so quickly, I wonder whether these items will still be hot tomorrow.
        What I have found most appealing is selling new release DVD movies. I like DVDs because they, too, are popular, but they are also small, so they will be very easy to store and cheap to ship. I can easily store several hundred in the closet in my spare bedroom. I see many offers for wholesale lots of 50 or 100 or more DVDs, but I don't want to go that route because I have no control over what DVDs are or are not included in the lots. Just because a DVD is brand new doesn't mean that there will necessarily be any demand for it. I suspect that these cheap lots of DVDs include many unknowns and/or losers that I would simply be stuck with or that I would have to try to sell as a lot on eBay to "a greater fool."
        So, to keep this brief, that's the direction I'm thinking about taking in my eBay business. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on my ideas, based on your own knowledge and experience on eBay.
         Assuming that you don't recommend I go in a different direction, I have a few specific questions for you. I have done some research on DVD suppliers, but most of them I've found seem to offer only closeouts and liquidations (and the large wholesale lots with THEIR selection of DVDs). Are you aware of a wholesale source for best-selling new release DVDs? I want to be able to pick and choose the titles that I get to resell. One place that seems to fit the bill (can't remember the name right now because I looked at so many different companies) requires that I get a resale certificate before I can order. I had not thought about that. I assume I'll be required to collect sales tax from Michigan residents. Can you tell me why it is that I very seldom see any mention of sales tax on eBay auctions? Do you have a resale certificate, and do you collect sales tax on sales to Michigan residents?
        Being sensitive to the fact that you're probably very busy, I won't burden you with more questions right now. I look forward to receiving your feedback on my idea of selling new release DVDs and your responses to my questions. Thanks.
         --Art Garmon

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