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  • Hi Cathy,
    Everyone seems to like that one, since the last two guys I coached with an email where writing about similar eBooks..
    There are tons of eBooks.  I would not say the "How to sell on eBay" is the best one..
    Actually, I believe the most profitable, though maybe objectionable one, is the gambling eBook.
    If I do not have it in my list (can't recall) I have it somewhere here..  Also, you can easily buy one for cheap on eBay, turn around and resell it most of the time..  Depends on if its shareware/freeware on the ebook..
    The most I have heard someone making with just an eBook was with gambling secrets eBook..  About $100 a day, if you know how to maximize the marketing, etc.
    Essentially, any eBook that tells someone information that is popular/vital, and not a ton of people are already selling it, would likely be the best..
    1. Go through the list of all the ebooks on my website.
    2. Do searches on eBay using the title or phrase describing each ebook.  When doing the search, check the "completed items" box on the left side menu and click "show items".  
    3. Then, click on the top right to display "highest priced" first.
    4. This will show you the history of what the ebook sold for on eBay and it will show you the highest price they sold for first..  All the green items are the ones that sold.  So, the top green one is the highest it sold for before..
    5. Go through the list of eBooks and note which ones sell for the highest price AND which ones sell the most often (so many per day).
    Times the highest price x the amount selling per week.  Whichever eBook yields the highest number is likely the best eBook to sell on eBay, period, profit-wise..

    Cathy Nagy <> wrote:

    I have reviewed the list of ebooks. I am thinking that
    the books of how to make money on ebay would be good
    sellers. Would you recommend that directions or do
    one of the other topics sell better?

    Thanks for your help.


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