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  • Hi Gary,
    Pretty much any of them, as I put all my eBooks on CDs..  I like selling them on CDs better as I eak out another $1 or $2 and I have someone who is in place who does all the shipping for me..
    I sell basically the recipes, preschool and Bible software type eBooks.. 
    So, there are like 100 more that I do not sell that are on the website..
    Futher, you can easily do this trick..  Buy from a seller for $0.30 cents and turn around and figure out its true value, set up your auctions and sell it for $5 bucks a pop..
    The 30 cents guys don't get it..  They think lowest price rules.  Totally wrong, as people ascribe value to their auction, but if the price does not back up the value, it is not bought..  So, if they have a good ad that makes a perceived value of $5 bucks in the customers mind, yet the price is $0.30 cents, they are going to assume the price is right and that it is a worthless eBook.
    I have seen guys sell eBooks for ONE PENNY with NO SHIPPING.  That is so insane, it is rediculous..  I laugh at those ads as there is essentially no purpose to the ad, save waste his time..  He likely thinks he can get return customers or some other silly idea, but usually only a small percentage return to buy again, so the numbers do not ad up..

    I have seen a couple use products as loss leaders and they have linked to all their cheap products the really expensive ones, but I do not know how it works out for them..

    Teresa Fredrickson <> wrote:
    So, where do I find ebooks to sell that dont interfere with the ones you sell?

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