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  • Regarding eBooks, you really need to look at it from an expanded point of view..
    The fact is, most sell eBooks wrongly, plain and simple..  About 90+% of them.
    Here are their false assumptions:
    1. If someone has a low price, I must have a lower price to get the order.
    2. I need to list hundreds of eBooks to get good profit.
    3. I will sell my eBook for virtually nothing, because I believe I will get a lot of return customers who will buy my expensive stuff.
    4. There are so many people selling that one eBook, it is impossible for me to compete with them.
    5. I need to make my ad even more impressive (i.e. ~ sensationalistic).
    All the above is bull crap.
    Some true assumptions:
    1. You can sell just as many or more at far higher prices.
    2. Formula for selling eBooks:
    Solid Ad + Good Ad Placement + Backed up with Solid Price = Maximized Profit.
    3. Even if you are selling the exact same eBook as your competition, make your ad look so different that it doesn't appear to be the same product.
    4. Make your ad realistic, rather than sensationalistic and you will get MORE orders.
    I had one guy call me on the phone about two months ago.  He was one I was coaching..  He told me about an eBook he was selling.  It was a gambling eBook..  He sold it for $10 a pop.  He sold about 8 or so a day.  That is almost $100 a day from ONE EBOOK. 
    I can tell you right now, there were people selling gambling eBooks for low prices like 30 cents, when he was selling it for $10 bucks..  It does not matter why?
    Ask yourself if you would have bought my coaching if I would have only charged you $5 bucks for it? 
    What would you think?  You would think it was WORTHLESS coaching. 

    Because you looked at the price and made a judgement based on that price.
    SO, that goes back to my formula above:
    Solid Ad + Good Ad Placement + Backed up with Solid Price = Maximized Profit.
    You see, if you have a solid ad, you must have a solid price..  A price that seems like it fits the ad..  If you have a low price and a good ad, people will think it is worthless.  If you have a bad ad and a high price, people will think it is worthless.. 
    But, a solid ad, with a solid price will give you good orders.  Then, if you maximize the placement, you will get many orders at maximized profit..

    Kenneth Moon <> wrote:
    Hello Tony,
    I appreciate you writing back with a lot of great ideas. You sound like a person who cares about other people just as I do, and I'd like to do more business with you in the future.
    The funny thing about what you wrote is that most of it it I kind of know about. I've probably bought 20 to 30  ebooks over the last several years and whats hard for me to break away from is that there are so many others sellers doing the same thing, and it just makes me frustrated and shuts me down.
    Tony I've bought so many of these ebooks like Silent sales machine, How to sell clothes,sell childrens books, how to yard sale shop, finding public domain products, and on and on.
    A lot of the problem is that even though these products are good it takes awhile to get the expertise to find the good stuff.
    I know that I am going to have to stick with something, treat it as a business and take it seriously.
    I do like the idea of selling general merchandise like you do. The only problem that may arise is that a lot of the time you don't really know what your getting and a deffective return is not going to generate the same price as a new product, but if it sells well thats ok with me.
    Importing I don't want to deal with especially freight costs and customs costs, unless its a company thats fairly reputable.
    I do like your other idea of finding accessories for guitars, finding a niche. Its just that old negative thinking comes in to play thinking there are already enough sellers out there doing the same thing.
    Tony what of your automatic ebook selling that you advertised in your listing. Is this something I can try and make a little money at.
    You know its 4:30 am my time writing you, thinking a lot and wanting to make this work. I hope I'm not to big of a challenge for you. But I really do appreciate the ideas you've given.I have plenty of time to work on ebay and or create a web page,so there are no excuses on this end.
    Thank you for your time,
    Kenneth Moon
    519 Terrace View Lane
    Mariposa, Ca 95339

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