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  • Hi,
    I made most of my money buying "lots".  Like a lot of 5 Xbox 360's. 

    Then, you can turn around and sell them individually. 
    Sometimes, the item maybe broke..  But, what is cool about Xbox 360 is you can get them fixed for free..   You have to send it into Microsoft, then they return it a couple weeks later fixed..
    So, you can buy say 5 cell phones at a certain price and then turn around and sell them individually..
    Or even buy 50 cell phones.. I have done this before..  Try to find low price like $300 to $600 and then sell them all on their own for $25 each, etc..

    Here is example:
    The idea is you find out what they are worth on ebay individually..  THEN, you try to buy whole lot for HALF what you can make when selling individually..
    Say you can make $170 selling individually.  You would then want to buy them for only $80 or $90 each..
    So, if you have a lot of 4, you would only want to pay like $320 to $350..
    Then, you could turn around and sell them for double..
    HOWEVER, you have to take into consideration the CONDITION of them also..
    If they say there are 4 and only 2 work, then you would only want to pay like $250 or $270 or something..

    Because then, you could sell the two, and make back your money and some profit..
    Then, you could send in the two broken ones to Microsoft, get them fixed and then sell them..
    This is assuming that Microsoft still fixes them..
    I have not checked for long time..  So, I am not sure..  But, I am guessing they still do this..
    OF COURSE, you could ignore all of that.. 
    Just look at it as 2 broken, 2 working..  Then, you would only want to pay like $250 max..

    Then, you could sell the 2 broken for smaller price..  Just like $70 each or something..
    The TRICK is to think about everything and make sure you make money in end..  Good money..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Sat, 12/6/08, <> wrote:
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    Subject: most money
    Date: Saturday, December 6, 2008, 3:39 AM

    Did you make the most money in games lkike WII & PS2 & PS3?

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