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  • HI Alisa,
    Yes, when you do the dropship, PLEASE consider what it says on the ad materials links..

    As it shows the categories to use, the times to list, the prices, etc..

    Advertisment Materials for Dropshipping Product

    Click on the item you are interested in selling from the below list to find the marketing materials and directions to sell it:
    1. Ad Materials - Understanding Men - Relationship and Dating Guidance for Single/Married Women
    2. Ad Materials - DreamBuilderFX (DTS-1) EA Forex Software - Full Version
    5. [DESCRIPTION HTML] || King James New Testament MP3 Audio Bible for CD/DVD/MP3 Player - New!
    6. Ad Materials - Commercial Property Real Estate Course
    7. Ad Materials - Verse Master Deluxe Bible Commentary Library Software - 70% Off Retail!
    8. Ad Materials - PC Bible Study Deluxe - History, Theology, Commentary & More!
    9. SOLD OUT!! || King James- NT/OT KJV Audio Bible for CD Player - 70% Off Retail!
    10. Ad Materials - Ellis Bible Library Commentary Software - 75% Off!
    11. Ad Materials - 300 Watt Dome Tweeters Built in Crossover 75% Off! - Retails $49
    12. Ad Materials - Powerseller Selling My eBay eBook Website Business
    13. Ad Materials - eBay Powerseller Business + Sources, Full Setup
    14. Ad Materials - Automated Expert Advisor Software= EA Forex Trading=MT4
    15. Ad Materials - 100% Automated Forex Trading- PointBreak EA Software - Moderate Risk Version
    16. Ad Materials - 100% Automated Forex Trading- PointBreak EA Software - FULL Version
    17. Ad Materials - Learn How to Make $100+/hr on eBay Using my Guide - $19.95!
    18. Ad Materials - 150" Television Home Theater TV Projector + LCD & VR Kit!
    19. Ad Materials - 150" Home Theater Big Screen TV Projector + LCD & VR Kit - 65% Off Retail!

    Anthony W.

    --- On Mon, 12/8/08, alisia bankston <> wrote:
    From: alisia bankston <>
    Subject: Re: SaleDaddy Pro Ebook Business
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Monday, December 8, 2008, 11:51 PM

    Ok thanks for getting back to me. I was excited at first, then, all the information became too complex and overwhelming. I was so disappointed that I had ordered another boat load of info and still no way to make money which is my goal. I will try your plan. I kind of panicked. I have to start making money soon. Its very imperative that something happens like yesterday. Again, thank you for responding with a plan that looks realistic and possible.

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