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  • Hi Nigel,
    The main thing I see wrong with your approach is the topics selected one, and two probably how you are promoting them (a guess).
    It is not that soccer is not a good topic or golf or even recipes..  It has to do with your target audience combined with are they willing to pay you any money for what you are offering..
    For instance, if you are selling recipes or more particularly recipe database software catered to restaurant owners, caterers, etc..   That would be something that could make some money IF advertised and promoted correctly.
    On soccer, not sure..  First thing is soccer is not as big of a hit here as basically everywhere else in the world..  I used to play soccer when I was young..
    Whatever sells hand over fist to those who play or like soccer that can make you a lot of money..  Perhaps certain type of equipment..  Not really ringing any bells in my mind of anything, but I am guessing there are a few out there..
    NOW RECIPES..  The one I mentioned above is good..  However, there are a lot of BROKEASS people, or more likely, people who don't like to spend money who are into recipes..  Like grandmas..  
    OK, more like this..  You know, those people who like to go save every penny at the store..  Your mom, other mothers you know, etc..  That is who buys it..
    I did figure out a way around it..  Sort of a "pyschological" trick..  Some of these people like to buy cheap stuff so they can brag about the price or somehow convince themselves they bought it cheap..
    So, I thought of this nifty trick and made probably about 8000 sales atleast doing it.. 

    $0.99 cent CD + $5.95 S&H..   You see, they think they bought it for a dollar, but then, the "shippping" doesn't count..
    So, they buy it..  Its just shipping cost after all..  So, its a trick in their mind.. 
    If it was $5.95 + $0.99 cent shipping. they would have never bought it..
    NOW, RESTAURANT OWNERS and CATERERS.  They have money..  They don't mind spending money..  THey are not penny pinchers.. 
    So, you can sell them some "premium" software for even hundreds of dollars and they will buy it if it does the job..  Then, you can often get the word out to these businesses..  You could do it on ebay..  You could even mail out to businesses by regular mail..  Seriously..

    CHOOSE A GOOD TOPIC (Offers Solid Value to Customers):
    A. something that makes money(make money on ebay, etc)
    B. helps save money(at Disney, Vegas, plane tickets)
    C. helps to achieve a difficult goal(loose weight, great body, etc)
    D. helps to obtain something difficult(a way to have expensive items cheap, etc)
    Those are it above..  A is about 50% of the good ones..  The other encompass the other 50%.. 
    NOW, where we could go:
    1. We could start you out on my dropship program, if you want to get feet wet, get some cash flow.. 
    2. Then, we could do ebooks and how to sell ebooks as you are doing the dropship (if you want to do it)..   With ebook selling, it is not slapping 100's or 1000's of ebooks up on a website..  You would do better with one well marketed ebook, than 1000's slapped up on a website..  SO, I would teach you how to exactly do it, one at a time.. 
    Goal is only $100 a day, right?  We can do this.. 
    This year, I have been on my own..  I used to sell on ebay directly, but now, I sell via my websites, via dropshippers, etc.. 
    Back last year at this time, I was doing $1000 in sales a day..  Now, like $400 max.. 
    Why?  Because I quit selling on ebay..  And now, I am trying to do this "new" dropshippping  method and also investing..
    Kind of cool news though..  I have found the EA of EA's in Forex investing..  Meaning, I could make double what I have in the account in a month..  Little drawdown.. 
    You may not know what Forex is..  But, basically it is currency trading..  And I found something that is very rare..  An EA that makes killer money and doesn't seem to fail..
    So, $1000 becomes $2000 in ONE month's time..  $4000 becomes $8000..
    I have a $3400 account that will be running this EA next week..  My friend, has a paltry $210 account that grew to $285 in ONE week..
    So, hopefully, this will make me that $500 extra a day again..  Looks like it is very feasible and so far, all is lined up to work..
    So, my theory is, have $10,000 in the account, watch it double every month and take out the profits every month..  So, $10,000 a month..
    Then, later, get it up to $20,000 and have that double every month.. 
    And so on.. 
    Sounds unbelievable and insane, but that is what I was trying to say..  I found something that is very rare..  I have seen many many EAs and NONE of them perform like this one..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Sat, 12/13/08, Nigel Reed <> wrote:
    From: Nigel Reed <>
    Subject: Re: Login Access..
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Saturday, December 13, 2008, 4:26 PM

    Hi Anthony
    many thanks for your email and help so far.
    My business goals are quite simple. 
    I would like to make some residual/passive income of $100+ per day that is automated. 
    I would like to spend b/w 1-2 hours per day/ 7-14 hours per week to achieve this. 
    If the income model is successful, then I would invest more time and effort into it. 
    Currently I work in I.T. and so my "normal" income from my day job has been quite good, and as an I.T. Consultant can earn anywhere b/w $50-100 per hour.
    I have written a number of websites, non of which can be classified as succesful.
    They are: (SBI site)

    Soccer and Golf are my passion and the Soup website was an attempt at capturing a slice of the 400,000+r searches per month for various soup recipes

    I have a level of expertise in SEO and have got one of my pages to the top 10 in google for its keyword "free soccer drills"
    The majority of income that I have earned is from affiliate sales from the coerver soccer coaching dvd set.
    I have tried adwords and found that to be expensive and not a great ROI.

    I have written 3 ebooks that I have attached, and offer these as a free supplement from purchases of the Coerver DVD's, when using my affiliate link.
    It can also be bought for $37 here

    I also have rights to a soup recipe book, but as yet have not tried to market/sell it.
    I have written a small golfing ebook that has not been used at all yet either.  It was intended to either be sold or used to entice people to sign up to my golf ezine.

    I have not tried eBay at all as yet, and given the lack of success with my other websites am appy to try it :-)

    I have an Aweber autoresponer account, although I am not using any mailing lists effectively yet.

    I have a couple of mailing lists
    Golfers 418 subscribers
    2 Soccer lists 471 and 267 subscibers

    I would like to consolidate the lists into one provider, but aweber does not allow this

    I have also written a number of articles (20+) at

    I hope that gives you some insight into my business goals and capabilities.

    I look forward to hearing from you


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