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  • Hi,
    I will check into it.. 
    You are right.  They are not selling at the correct prices..  If I was still on ebay, I would write them..
    Is it possible you write them all and tell them to write me at, as I don't even know if I can even log into ebay anymore..
    Tell them I asked you to write them for me..
    I will try to figure out who they are..  If they are my regular sellers, they will get the message later today as I plan on emailing all the main sellers..
    I am a bit annoyed as I make it very clear how to price and they are ignoring me on purpose or accident..  I am thinking many on purpose..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Sun, 12/21/08, Brian Keigwin <> wrote:

    From: Brian Keigwin <>
    Subject: Re: List Price
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Sunday, December 21, 2008, 6:32 PM

    Hi Tony,

    I will try to adjust the titles and the other suggestions you mentioned.

    I can't find a name for this one but his user name on eBay is txpallets --- he has all your guitars, a few of the Forex, ebook business, the home theater, commercial properties, tweeters, your Bible software and the recipe CD all listed and is the major one that has made me change my listing prices on everything above except the guitars because I don't have any of those listed, but everything else I do.

    ** --- This guy may have reproduced your plans and is selling on eBay --- no one can combat this guys price for the same thing as yours on the tv projection with the prices he lists!!!! $4.44 shipping and $5.55 cost

    uninvestments is another that looks to be selling your plans as his own for 9.99 and free shipping.

    thecosmicentrepreneur --- is selling the dreambuilder FX for $750

    I am sorry for not being able to provide a name -- there is nothing in these profiles that has their name on it. All are just eBay user names.


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