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  • Hey Ralf,
    On the tweeter auction, it may work out with your category switch..   (not saying positive or negative on it as I am unsure)..
    Good pricing, though..  Good timing..  7:45pm..
    I think a FAR better category would be: 

    Since, it appears, no one is in that one..

    You have only two up?   You should put up much much more..  As usually, the sell through rate is like 1 out of 3, so if you have 3 auctions up, could be 1 sale, could be 2 sales, could be zero sales..  Who knows..
    So, the idea is to put up enough to make some money..  Otherwise, it will just annoy you waiting forever with only a couple auctions, like 3..
    To give you an idea..  I had up over 100 auctions at any given time..  Actually, I think it was more like 120 and about 40 in the store..

    The category you put in is not bad..  I know my competitors would get sales in that category..  For me, it was a wild card..  I never could seem to pull the sales there like my competitors.. 
    So, it may or may not be good..  Sorry, again, same thing as the first auction..
    What I meant by diversity was most of the power is in the TV categories..  I would leave this one here for now..  Who knows, could be killer if no one is there..
    But, I think 75% of them should alteast go in a "Consumer Electronics" type category..
    Just make sure it is something like "Consumer Electronics>TV>"   something..
    The idea is just to be in the category the others are not in..
    For instance, looking at the categories they are currently in per your competitors, I would say this one I would avoid for now:
    Why?  Because it does not have the power of the Consumer Electronics>Television..  And yet, it has more in it than the "Consumer Electronics> Television..
    The Consumer Electronics> Television is the most powerfull..
    So you should look at it like, HALF THE POWER is in Consumer Elec> Television..  And 20% in Electronics> DVD & Home Theater.. 
    And then 30% in other categories.. 
    There is some strengh in the PC categories like  PC>Monitor..  But you have to use a PC Monitor for the image and change the wording here and there to say "monitor" instead of "TV"..
    I used to sell a lot there..  And I am guessing few sellers are there..  I would put a few in there..
    Also, I would put some in Consumer Elec>Televisions, but just maybe be clever with the sub category after that, so as to be where the others are not..
    YES, complex, but I think the above gives you a peak in how I think on this stuff..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Fri, 12/26/08, ralf schmitz <> wrote:

    From: ralf schmitz <>
    Subject: coaching ralf schmitz
    Date: Friday, December 26, 2008, 8:52 AM

    Attached are the links to the items that I have listed at this point. Please check and make sure that I did everything correctly. There is a problem listing the powerseller: the error message reads that it accepts google checkout; I don't know how to fix it.
    I also have some other questions that I would like to talk to you about. 
    I will call you later, or can you call me - it is somewhat important?
    Thank you,

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