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  • Hi,
    To save you money, the way I do it is I would put all 4 of the different EAs in your store..
    Then, I would only put up maybe one or two auctions a week..  Not much.. 
    The reason being, there are only a few EA auctions..  So, if you put in the store, you are actually going to be seen.. 
    HOWEVER, the pitfall of putting it in the store is even though doesn't cost really anything to put in, they rake in the money on the "sales fee"..  I think it is like double in the store..  You will be complaining about their "seller fee" on the store item after you sell it..
    But, I guess, since you have the money and the sale, you may not care as much.. 
    I had one guy sell it in the store and he was pissed at the fees..  I told him, maybe do both store and auction..  That way you have a balance..
    Also, don't saturate on the same item..  Like I said, only a few Forex EA auctions up..  So putting up two of the same item will not help you anymore than having one of it up..  See what I mean?

    Anthony W.

    --- On Thu, 12/25/08, Thomas Hawker <> wrote:

    From: Thomas Hawker <>
    Subject: Re: request atonalkeb for contact
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Thursday, December 25, 2008, 6:28 AM

    -----Inline Attachment Follows-----

    I think he may be referring to the auction I put up for the Full version forex software. I put the auction up starting at $750 but put a reserve price on it for $894,95 so it would not sell under it's worth.
    I tried that hoping people would at least start bidding as the previous 10 auctions I put up for had no activity at all.
    You can check it out here:
    gr Thomas

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