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  • Hi Fred,
    You know what is really irritating..  The government pretending to actually care and "intervene"..
    They are the biggest friggin ponzi scheme, as they took our money and RAN! (Refering to ASD Downfall) 
    Now, they are trying to do all these "bailout plans" where you and I bailout some big wigs who screwed up by paying more taxes..
    Our government is full of idiots..   I don't even need to say that..  All you do is read the news and it is obvious..
    I would say Forex is the best way you and I can become rich..   There are actually lots of ways to get rich, but I think most of them take a lot of time to learn and dedication..

    I don't really think Forex is much different, except for the fact you can do research with automated forex trading software and eventually you will find that one EA that just rakes in the dough..
    So far, we have a few that look good.. But, I can tell you, the best thing to do is a lot of research..  I made some quick money and then lost it just as quickly, so I realized, hmm..  Maybe I should actually test and do research instead of just running in with guns blazing..
    We already have some clever ideas, plans..  I am working with one guy..  He is always finding new EAs..  We have about 4 of them we are currently looking at..
    DreamBuilder FX..

    Extreme EURGBP..
    Looks like there is a torrent for it LOL: 
    This was the one that appeared to double money every month..  But now, it looks like it is doing only 30% a month..  Meaning, it is one of those EAs that is not consistant, which tells me it works really good in certain markets and not as good in others.. 
    Its a wildcard, so we are just watching it right now..  Its too risky to just slap on your account, as its like ASD, but sometimes up, down, up a ton, etc..  Makes you sweat without data confidence..  Jagged in that it can make a TON in one week and next week, can loose a little bit of what you gained, etc..  Kind of like a mix between ASD and gambling..
    So, more data, brings more confidence..  We want consistancy and reliability..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Sun, 12/28/08, Fredrick Miller <> wrote:

    From: Fredrick Miller <>
    Subject: How have you been?
    To: "Tony W." <>
    Date: Sunday, December 28, 2008, 9:15 AM

    Hey Tony,

    Just checking in to see how you're doing now-days.  How is that forex coming along for you?  I haven't heard from you in a while and have been thinking about you lately.  If you haven't heard, ASD lost it's case up to this point.  I highly doubt we will ever get our monies back since the govt has it in their posession.

    Do you remember that other site that we were thinking about joining called golden panda?  Well, when they closed the owner of it decided to start it up again, but this time he moved out to panama or something like that, and is using all canadian payment processors, lol.  Mike is preaching it from the rooftops now.  I don't think i'll join, simply because the guy who is behind it (clarence busby) actually has a record of running ponzi schemes.  It's no wonder why he was quick to join with Andy in ASD, lol.

    Write me back sometime,

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