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  • Hi Andreas.
    In previous email I mentioned camcorders..  

    I forgot to mention..  These are name brand popular camcorders that are found in American stores..
    However, I have noticed, not always do they sell counterparts in Europe..

    So, it would say Sony, Fuji, etc..  However, the models, they are sometimes not even available in Europe.. 
    So, the reason being the charger plug/current..   If you can buy charger/plugs that would work with it, the model, then, you could send with the order..
    Since they are very popular brands and possibly some of the models are available in Europe, they would sell for higher prices than America, most likely..
    And, you could buy for cheaper..  Like 40% of American price..
    I buy from this company here:
    They are the logistics provider for many chain stores in America and Canada and even some places in Europe..
    They are huge basically and they buy up returns, overstocks, closeouts and sell them to people like us on Pallets.. 
    Could be 100 camcorders on one pallet..  You could easily pay $4000 for one pallet of them..
    But, of course, in Europe, these camcorders would be worth a lot..  So, you could easily get $10,000 out of the pallet..  I am thinking maybe more..
    Of course, you have import costs..  I don't know what the tax duty is on such items for you..   You would have to check with governmental websites for tax duty costs of importing camcorders..

    Yes, very annoying, but this could make you a lot of money.. 
    Something I can guarantee few know about..  No one in America hardly even knows about Genco: 
    Something to consider for one idea..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Wed, 12/31/08, Anthony W. <> wrote:

    From: Anthony W. <>
    Subject: Re:
    To: "Andreas Forsling" <>
    Date: Wednesday, December 31, 2008, 12:38 AM

    Hi Andreas,
    I am thinking your interests are good.. I outlined some ideas below..  However, I am wondering..  Do you want to do digital or physical items or a combination?   As many of the ideas I discuss below deal with the physical items..  We may need to focus more on the digital and CD type items, as you are in Sweden and that can present "some" problems for physical items..
    I know with such things as Camcorders, you can get some REALLY big money potentially from such items..  As I know where you can get them VERY cheap here in America, but you would have to buy many..
    And I know from lots of experience, that in Europe, they often sell for TWICE the American price..  So, I could show you where to get them for about 40% of the American price, then you would have to import them to your country.. 
    Then, you would have to deal with the issue of the "charger" as it would be an American plug charger..  Meaning, you would likely have to find some place that you can buy a charger replacement for the camcorders..
    THEN, you could sell the camcorders for huge dollars on say 
    I am not sure if you and Germany and UK have all the same electricity and plugs?? 
    So, that is the main issue..  If the power/plug issue can be worked out, I know that camcorders could make you some serious money where you are stationed in the world..
    COMPLEX, but could be lucrative for you..
    OK, back to your interests and ideas we could do. 
    Based on some of your interests, a few routes we could take..  Nothing jumping off the page, but here are a few.. 
    1. Selling musical instruments..  I know where to get them for decent price in China..  Also, there maybe a name brand route we could take..  Works good on the Europe Ebay, because people are willing to spend more there..   Concern would be taxes and duty on your end..  

    Another thing is I have actually imported guitars several times before and know the whole process..
    2. Music related service..  Could be something as simple as an ebook on a catchy music topic (one that sells)..  Could be you teaching some sort of lessons..  I have even seen websites that offer subscriptions where the guy claims he can teach you very quickly an instrument (through some catchy technique).. 
    I have a subscription website..  I have hundreds that pay me monthly..   I am not sure if the music topic is best for this, however, I have seen a few become successful doing it on the music topic (learn to play piano, etc)..
    3. Fishing..  All of these you mentioned are not "home run" topics..  However, I know where to get sports related items that are name brand for very cheap..  However, it is not often they have it available..  Also, you would have to import, most likely..   Very very good source..  Very low prices.. 
    Fishing isn't the top topic for sure..  I think I have seen an ebook or two on it..  However, I am not sure if you could make a lot of money selling an ebook on fishing..
    On the hunting topic (not sure if you are into hunting), I have sold hunting trips before online..  Sold one $15,000 hunting trip and one $4000 hunting trip.  I have contacts, for which you could sell such trips, if interested..
    5. Home electronics..  Have a very very good source that is really cheap for this..  However, I wonder if it would work for you, as you are in Sweden..   And I am not sure if you have the same plugs we have here.. 
    You would likely be selling to Europeans?  Are you super far from England?  I have little clue..  I am thinking you are far North right..?  Aren't you closer to Russia?   Yes, not very good with geography here..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Tue, 12/30/08, Andreas Forsling <> wrote:

    From: Andreas Forsling <>
    Subject: Re:
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Tuesday, December 30, 2008, 4:22 PM

    -----Inline Attachment Follows-----

    Thank you Anthony,

    I well get into this as soon as I can!
    I'll get back to you in a couple of days though, since I'll be busy til then.
    I already have a paypal account, but I have to set up a new Ebay
    account since I havent used my old one for several years.

    My main interests are as follows:

    *Making music (writing, performing and producing) musical instruments
    and software/hardware (I'm an educated musician, producer and
    *Fishing (for sports and recreation)
    *Home-Electronics (all kind)

    (I have a pretty good knowledge about all these above.)

    I'm also a born again christian so I can relate to that as well - in
    case you have that kind of products as well.

    I dont really know what to start out with except the e-book part. My
    main focus is on making money on products that is really easy to sell
    at high volumes. (You mentioned something about such a product
    earlier, that caught my eye.)

    If you have any suggestions - I'm all ears!



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