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  • Hi Bill,
    First, I want to mention that I am a professional online marketer.  I was a mechanical engineer for about 3 years with Navistar International Truck and Engine, quit my job to go into business about 8 years ago.. 

    So, I have been selling online for 8 years full time.
    I am writing you concerning ASD.  I have been using them for only about 3 weeks when it was raided.
    I wanted to mention, that I have been reading over these filed documents and being completely honest, they do not correlate with what I recall experiencing when surfing Ad Surf Daily
    Within this document, Roy Dotson claims to have contacted various ASD members and also claims to have surfed the website.
    However, what he stated he saw when surfing the website is virtually nothing like what I saw when surfing the website.   Either, his experience surfing ASD is unique, or he is fabricating evidence.
    He claims in numerous spots within the documentation that he saw people advertising their ASD signup page.
    1. I never saw this one time the whole time I surfed on their website in the 3 weeks I was able to surf.
    2. That would be the dumbest thing in the world to promote on ASD..  They are already signed up, so why would they try to sign up people already signed up.  That literally makes no sense. 
    3. When I surfed pages on ASD, I saw many products being sold.  Some herbal product..  Various services, coaching, real estate, etc..
    4. I offered my relevant products on ASD..  They can be seen here..  I have many such products and I sold about $200 worth prior to you pulling the plug.  It appeared to be a better means of advertising than ebay.
    Note: none of them are pyramids, ponzi, no payouts, etc..  They are ACTUAL products..  Normal products, like I sold on ebay..  And they were selling well on ASD, as I expected..  I am a professional marketer and actually understand how internet marketing works.
    5. Some of the things Roy Dotson wrote and statements he purportedly received from people he interviewed show niavity on how internet marketing works.  15 seconds IS all you need and actually all you will get from anyone viewing an internet ad.  There are studies all over the internet showing that people spend very little time when on a page and that they are very quick in making any decision about a product..  
    Claiming that putting an ad on "auto" in front of people and claiming that is not effective is an absolutely rediculous arguement.  
    I will show you how rediculous of an argument that is..  Turn on your TV..  It is auto, it is advertising.  And you buy the stuff..  If you can not understand that, it just shows how niave you are about marketing.  You should not, as a secret service agent, pretend to know more about marketing than those who actually market.
    6.  The only difference between ebay and asd is quite literally asd gives you 1% back daily (except on weekends)..  Quite literally, there is no other difference, other than ebay scams and does borderline illegal activity (but it appears to be legal so you never see it, but ask any previous seller from ebay and they will have plenty to tell you). 
    All ebay would have to do different is offer 1% back..  That is the only difference..  How is it their advertising system is somehow better?  They are offering people to view your ads..  That is the exact same as ASD.  I pay for people to view my ads..  I get sales, just like I did on ebay..  
    There are also MANY people who list questionable items on ebay..  Items that are not even for sale.. Items that are ponzi and pyramid..  Scams.. Etc..  There are postings that have nothing to do with a service or product..  Just because some advertiser does this, does not mean Ebay is liable for their error.
    I find this all very irritating as I finally found a company I could advertise with other than Google and a handful of others..  ASD is not bad..  I put in $500.  I made $200 from sales within two and a half weeks..  After that, YOU took my money and now I don't have anything..
    So, how am I suppose to view this..  I paid money, I was getting a good service, I was selling product..  The government steps in, takes my money, makes up some lame argument that I basically just refuted and I am suppose to believe and accept that and you keep my $500 bucks? 

    Anthony W.

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