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  • Hi Philip,
    OK, sounds great.. 
    There are FIVE steps to this process..  The first was choosing a topic..  You chose it on Health..  The second is compiling your product.. 
    The below is my advice on compiling the product..  Please do the below.  You can modify and add other ebooks and subtract certain ones..  The idea is to make it unique..
    Now, you need to build your compilation of ebooks.  Particularly a bit more specific within Health and Fitness, OR make a compilation that covers the whole broad topic and then market specifically in different directions within the topic..
    So, either:
    1. Make a compilation that is rather specific within the Health and Fitness topic.
    2. Make a compilation that covers the whole broad topic and then make a number of advertisements hitting on different aspects (building muscle, rapidly loosing fat, diet plans, various workouts, etc)..  So you could have 5 different ads totally focusing on different topics within health and fitness, but one product.
    I will show you basically how to throw this together..
    FIRST, I would basically find all the ebooks in my eBook vault that relate:
    SECOND, if you need more (usually set of 5 ebooks is good), you can find more on ebay here:
    A) Find the most valuable competitor (to analyze and get ideas from):
    B) Find his ebook or related for cheap here:
    Once you know the name or related you can do more specific searches to find the ebook and then can "sort by: Price: Lowest First" on the right top pull down menu.
    THIRD, you can find ebooks on Clickbank to buy here:
    A Healthier You - Weightloss, Stress & Remedies
    e-Download File Sales Strategies/Tips eBay Ad Description
    Eating Healthy - Money Making Software
    e-Download File Sales Strategies/Tips eBay Ad Description
    You then EITHER make one zip file with all the ebooks on the topic, OR you make say a section on your website where you send your customer a link and it will have a list of all the ebooks for him to download from the page.. 
    I can show you how to do the latter if you would like..
    NOW, the above was the easy part of the process..  From there, you have to make an ad based on the best parts of each individual ad for each of the ebooks in your set..  So you are taking the best features and their benefits from the individual ads and making an "ultimate ad" which you will be listing on ebay.

    Anthony W.

    --- On Fri, 8/22/08, Phillip choun <> wrote:
    From: Phillip choun <>
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Friday, August 22, 2008, 3:35 AM

    Hi Anthony,
    I think that I will go for method "A" please, thank you. I will be able to print on CD too as I have a CD burner and printer.

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