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  • Hi Tish,
    I believe you are missing the main ebook section as you mention something about a bunch of Fiction/Non-fiction ebooks..  Those are the digital books..

    The ebooks are here:
    The dropship products are here:
    Premade website here:
    I have one who started last week with dropship and has already made over $100 bucks in sales selling dropship products.  She makes about HALF profit on those..  She literally just started and only put up about 6 auctions and sold basically on every auction.
    The real estate, for instance, that will make you $20 per sale.. 
    Regard Robert Kiyosaki.  All those you see selling those on ebay are selling them ILLEGALLY.
    Of course, I can show you how to obtain such illegal copies and sell them, however, your account would be in jeopardy and the goal here is long term money, not short term gain..
    Anyone who claims they can sell them to you legally is lying or doesn't know what they are talking about..  If you do get them legally, they will be way overpriced and you will not be able to sell them profitably.
    Yes, I know how many of the illegal people do it.. I can tell you many serious ways to make money illegally on top of legally, HOWEVER I do not do any of the illegal methods, as my goal is to stay online.
    For instance, I know where to get ANY software for about $2 per copy..  ANY software..  I am talking even very expensive $500+ titles.
    I know one guy who was prosecuted by the government for doing such things..  He used to be one of my competitors..
    You do NOT have to write an ebook..  I can show you a method that is effectively the same as doing your own ebook, yet instead you are compiling ebooks on the topic and following my methods of selling..
    And my methods of selling will likely be the opposite of common techniques..  For instance, common techniques would tell you to "list" the ebooks in your ad..  That is a very bad idea..  Most do that, if not all.  But, it is the WRONG way to do it..
    If you would like me to show you how to do your own real estate product, or you would like to sell my dropship version, please indicate.

    Anthony W.

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