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  • Hi Lewis,
    The best of eBay's 30 websites are:
    I have found the above 4 to be very good.  I have looked at about 15 of them, and these seem to have a lot of product and traffic.
    Of course, if you know Chinese or German, you also have these good ones:
    But, I only know a little German and it looks like you need to be fluent to sell there..
    eBook Descriptions are here..  I am currently revamping them to be even more complete:
    REGARDING how to sell eBooks.  My advice is to go for quality, rather than just slapping some generic auction description up on eBay..
    Also, I suggest charging on the high end for pricing..  Such as $5 bucks, rather than 30 cents, like some idiots on eBay do..
    90% of those who sell eBooks on eBay do it wrong..  Why make $1 a day selling 3 eBooks, when you can charge $5 per eBook, sell 10 a day and make $50? 
    People put value based on the price also..  If they see 1 penny, they are going to think it isn't worth anything..
    BUT, if you have a SOLID AD (not generic), and back it up with a SOLID PRICE, you will get SOLID PROFIT.
    That is the formula..
    eBay's delivery of your eBooks (automated): 
    Tony wrote:
    I would like to sell ebooks seperately on all ebay sites worldwide. I want to be able to sell to obtain enough feedback to list buy now items. Could you please send me a typical ad for an ebook that I can copy and list to get me started. I would like to know how you list in different catageries without having to list seperately and renew and also how to go to top of lists so people see your ad first. I have an item for sale at the moment in how to section described as competancy based interviews and have not had one person looking at it.

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