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  • Hi Dave,
    I do recommend opening an eBay store.
    You can do it now or after you have a few products up.. 
    For some people, it is wise to do it at the beginning as it will give them a reason to continue.  (as they are loosing money if they don't start doing something). This is for those who need the kick in the pants to get going, I guess..
    As we should realize, usually it is ourselves and our thinking that stands in the way of succeeding on ebay..
    For those who are determined, I can not see why they would not succeed unless they are just plain lazy..  Those who turn their brain off after putting up an auction deserve to loose money..  All that is required is to do the math to make sure your auctions are making you money.  If they are not, you change things till they do make money..  Doesn't usually take much changes, unless you are a rookie.. Takes less and less work the more experience you have, until one day, it takes virtually no changes.. 
    It aint rocket science, but it also requires more than mindless repitition..
    For eBooks its all Marketing..  People do not realize this..  Any chimpanzee can put up an eBook auction.  Its those who know how to sell, though, that make the real money..  90% of those who sell eBooks do not know what they are doing. 
    First thing to realize is those who put up eBooks for a penny should not scare you.  You can put up the VERY SAME eBook, right next to their auction, for $5 bucks and sell it.  Customers put value in the price you put on the auction.  You put a penny on it and they will think it is worth a penny..
    For putting up eBook auctions, eBay has made it easy, as they will not deliver your eBooks for you when the customer pays.  See this link:
    For knowing how to market eBooks, see this link:
    Selling regular product:

    david <> wrote:
    Do you reccomend opening an ebay store right now, or waiting.
    Thank you.
    David Wedeen
    PS please use this email

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