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  • Hi Keith,

    Another really profitable way to make money, which I do often, is buy on eBay and turn around and sell on eBay..
    Yes, believe it or not, you can do this and do this very WELL.
    For instance, one I used to do all the time, but quit, because I found more profitable ways to make money is "camcorders".
    Yes, the miracle of camcorders..  You are the first I have told this, as I don't use it anymore, but I am sure MANY would find this a gold mine..
    I would buy a camcorder for about $120 and turn around and sell it for $200 on eBay..  Yes, no joke!   $120 with the shipping already added! 
    You have to look, though.. You have to look and here is the link I would use to look:
    Basically, to know the value of any camcorder, you just do ONE simple thing..  You do a search on eBay's history of completed items for that model. 
    For example, you would have one of the above links open, looking for deals on ending camcorders and then you will have another open browser to a link like this one:
    Its for the Canon Elura 50.  But, just plug in any model on the above link, and it will show you eBay's recent sale history for that model.  It will sort by highest sale price first.. 
    Just compare the one you are bidding onto to some of the upper camcorders that sold and try to find one that matches closely to the one currently up to see if you can get a good idea of the value..  Then, you can estimate in your mind the profit you want to make, subtract it from the price it sold for on the higher side on the completed items and then this is your highest bid on the one ending..
    You will not win them all, obviously.. Sometimes you have to look for a while..
    I did this several times successfully. So, it does work.. 
    Its not always double what you paid, more like 60/40 rather than 50/50.   I would try to make $80 bucks on a $200 sale..  That was sort of my goal..
    CONSIDER the "camcorder lot" link also as people will sell for a lower price when there are two or three in their auction..  This gives you more leverage..

    Keith Shirley <> wrote:
    Hello and thanks.
    I'd like to develop a consistent sales stream and find competetively priced items for sale.  I have a subscription the Dropseller Directory and while there is no shortage of porduct, the pricing given is often beat by other eBay sellers.  I'd like to get on the other side of that scenario.
    Generally, I need to develop an understanding and process for having a consistent and profitable presence on eBay.
    I also want to be able to generate a contact list for promoting my own websites in future (without getting in hot water with eBay of course).
    How do you see our relationship working going forward?  I'd like some proactive suggestions from you as well.

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