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  • Hi Darcia,
    First, focusing on eBay is wiser than trying to make a website of your own.
    Its about 4 times harder to sell on your own website than it is selling on eBay.
    So, sell on eBay first.  Why work hard for nothing?
    Dropshipping generally is not a way to make good money.  They tell you it is, but it generally is not.
    Rather, buying your own product at 1/4 of retail and selling for about 60% of retail on eBay is the best route.  Also, selling eproducts, like eBooks.
    Check out these links:
    How to obtain product cheap: 
    More detail on how to find product cheap:
    How to setup the eBook Business:
    All the "Gurus" try to tell you dropshipping is the way, but it is more of a trick than anything else.  The only ones who get rich in the dropshipping thing is those who own the businesses that provide you the product to sell.  This is no joke.
    If you want to make REAL money, you have to buy your own product and sell your own product..
    Now, you might be asking, "well, how do I avoid having to ship the product myself?"
    Well, what I do is I pay my mother to ship out product for me..  I sell enough to pay both my brother and mother.
    A really good way to pay someone to work for you is to give them a percentage of your profit.. 
    An example:  I can get playstations for about $37.  You can sell them on eBay for about $115.  OK.  So, the profit is $115 - $37.  Just give a portion of that profit, say 30% to the person who will ship all your items.

    If you don't sell a lot, it just means you and the other person made only a little.  So, you never end up owing a worker a bunch of money.  You always make more money than the worker and never pay out what you do not have..

    Darcia Sbarbaro <> wrote:
    Get a web page going.
    Sell ideas.
    Make money, before it's to late for me to enjoy life.
    Drop shipping ( phones, ipod, camera, elec.), ebooks, old car parts, etc (
    of my interest, so I know what I'm talking about.
    2-3 hours, days a week on the computer.

    Plus I was asking this yesterday.
    I can get into the sight but I can not get anywhere after that. I was
    hopping to see what we have.
    you have any Ideas.

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