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  • Hi Josh,
    1. Its worth opening a store.  You can open it now, or you can wait until you have some stuff up.  Either way is good.
    2. I actually use a method I created.  Its probably a little too complicated for most people, as I am a programmer.   So, if I were you, I would use some auction program like  Auction-O-matic.
    3. No, you don't have to do it.  But, if you plan on becoming bigger than me, it could be a wise choice.  It doesn't have to be something common.. Actually, something with a ring to it works best..  Either, something easy to remember, or something that puts a play on what you are selling.  Like, if you are offering a lot of bargains, something like "Bargainland" is a great user ID.
    4. Basically, the idea is to do two things: 
        A. Just make sure there is nothing where which a customer can clearly see you are selling the same item..  For instance, common words and phrases associated with it or graphics that are commonly used for icons, etc..
        B. Actually point out the features and benefits, forming a good argument why they should buy this item.  Build up the value in their mind and then back it up with a good (higher) price. 
    5. The icon is very wise.  I use it on virtually everyone of my auctions.  I can tell you from experience that the icon directly effects your sales.  If its a excellent icon, you can get twice or even sometimes three times the orders.  I am speaking from experience.  I have just changed the icon before on auctions and get double the sales.
    6. Yes, in an indirect manner..  First, you should use something like MS Word Thesaurus to get some common related words and phrases off the top of your head.  THEN, use something like google or Overture's keyword tools to figure out those type of words general popularity.  Its not a direct connection, but an internet popularity for those words and phrases on searches.
    7. If you are refering to subtitle, it is worthwhile in certain scenerios..  Generally, higher priced items or auctions where you could make a good amount of money, paying for subtitle and using the content is wise.. 
    For instance, I do so on the powerseller auctions..  I put my credibility in the subtitle.  Or, if it is an expensive electronic, I will put its condition and value, like "BRAND NEW, MSRP $399". 
    8. I don't believe so.  If I recall, the Help manual has a page that discusses this and I believe it said it doesn't effect your feedback.  I have never done it.
    9. SquareTrade is an outside company.  They are selling you "credibility" and "mediation" that is all.  It can potentially offer more "comfort" to your buyers..
    Yes, Powerseller status is a misnomer by eBay's definition.  I apply my own definition.
    Powerseller just means you have 98% positive feedback, do so much in sales a month ($1000+ for different star levels) and maintain your ebay account (pay Feebay when they ask). 
    Thats their definition.
    Mine is you are a full time seller and are good at it..  In my mind, there are many powersellers that should not be powersellers.  Some look more like full time buyers than sellers..

    Josh <> wrote:
    I'm total newbie in selling, never sold before a single item in Ebay, but i'm plan to have a good start with your help. Here are some of my concerns. Hope you could enlighten me a bit:-
    1. Should i go ahead and open a store straight away, because i am planning to list many items, so can cut down on insertion fees > the 15.95 a month store?

    2. What software do you use to list your items in html? I see some popolar software in ebay like Auction-O-matic. Do you recommend that or soemthing better?

    3. Do i need to change the name of my nick from bonafide88 to something else to reflect the business i'm in in Ebay?

    4. Is there any best way to help your product stand out from the rest? when there are few others who are selling the same digital product.

    5. Regarding the gallery pic, would using this service gives a higher clickthrough rate in the search listings? for non-unique digital product where there are many other sellers listing the same product.
    6. Is there any way, to find what's the common keywords that are being type by bidders for the product you are selling? - to strive for higher chance of your listing coming up in the search listings.
    7. Is there any worth putting a short description below the title?
    8. Will changing the user ID make you lose all your past feedbacks?
    9. Do i need to get verified by Square Trade at this juncture?
    I plan to start off by selling some digial products; ebooks, softwares , then maybe later selling my own product or something. Is it really possible to achieve Powerseller status in 3 months by selling digital products? I'm willing to work hard for it for all it takes..
    Thanks in advance, Tony. 
    p/s I was delayed with my reply because I was waiting at which is my communication email, as I rarely open this email account at except for paypal payment.

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