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  • Hi Niki,
    What is important, especially for you, is that I am selling my expertise, in the form of coaching via email.
    Although others do not always realize it, it is far more important to know "how" to sell ebooks than to "have" eBooks.
    For, if you know how to sell eBooks, you can make a lot of money off just ONE. 
    As with one man I have coached, who sold a gambling eBook.  His marketing was so good, he was selling them for $10 a sale and selling about 8 a day.. Thats $80 profit a day.
    I know how he did it..  Its pretty easy..  But, you have to have guts and be willing to throw some money into eBay advertising, knowing the risk.. 
    He put them at the top of the categories.  If you have a solid ad, the right price, titled correctly and a good ad, you can sell them at the top of the page and make a killing.
    I currently do it with a product.  I have been doing it for YEARS with this product:
    I have about 12 auctions like this one below up at the same time, all costing $25 to $50 each:
    I sold 11 items on this auction.  I make about $12 per sale.  It cost $25 to $30 for the auction, so 2.5 sales pays for the auction..
    Some auctions do not do as good, as I just had another end with only 4 sales..  Usually, that is about as low as they ever are..  Usually, about 7 per auction..  So, I generally when I pay ebay $25, I make between $15 - $90 net profit after all expenses or an average of around $40+ net profit per auction..  About $70+ profit a day.
    So, I am telling you this here so you can see that it is possible to sell eBooks or any product at the top of the categories..
    So it is QUALITY not QUANTITY..
    MOST who sell eBooks do it wrongly.  They exaggerate what the eBook does, put a really low price on it and then put up 100 more eBooks like it..

    Niki <> wrote:
    Ok, then, this is what i want really. I already have tons and tons of e-books, web templates, 4GB worth on my computer. I would not even know where to start in listing them, plus it is so much, it would take months to do it one by one, so I was wondering if when u say you are selling your ebook business, if that means you are selling, all your ebooks. I want to know exactly what you mean by you are selling your ebook business and how easy it would be to set up. I actually opened a store and closed it within two days out of frustration, and not knowing where to start. Thanks, let me know?

    Life is short, live it to the fullest !!

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