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  • Wanted to point out some disturbing trends on ebay:

    1. Look at the sales of the top sellers (top 100) from last year this time compared to right now. Virtually all of them are down in sales. Click here to see for yourself
    2. eBay seems to be tightening the grip on sellers from many different angles. It seems to be getting slightly worse over time(frog slowly boiling comes to mind) and there are less freedoms on ebay.
    3. I have noticed a trend of top sellers on ebay moving off of ebay more. One was paying ebay about $14,000 to $20,000 a month in advertising and has decided to leave eBay because of their expensive fees and restrictive rules. They are now making good money outside of ebay on their website and have no intention of going back to ebay. These companies are the ones who make ebay serious money.
    4. I have been making more and more and more money outside of ebay. I almost feel as if I am paying for ebay, as they are not pulling their weight as much anymore. I would not doubt a larger exodus of top sellers even this year, looking at how far down some of their sales are, especially those who sell small items in mass quantities. I can't see how those who sell DVDs on ebay will be able to take it much longer, seeing postage is up, eBay forced sellers at the beginning of this year to lower their shipping, ebay increased their fees, sales are down about 33% and so on.. Doesn't take much to realize they are now making virtually no money on ebay.
    5. Unfortunate for ebay, as I believe they do not see and have not seen the errors of their ways. Very unfortunate, as I am also unhappy with their ways. Seeing I pay them $4000 a month, they should be concerned. I have had a couple occassions already this year where I have had threats of being suspended for a day or having 10% of my sales potentially restricted if I do not comply to some rule. I have no problem following rules. I just don't like being threatened, as just about every other rational human being. What is humorous about it, is I am thinking about limiting my advertising on ebay because of their restrictive ways. They seem to be shooting from the hip and it looks like they are probably going to be shooting themselves in the foot if they keep going down this trail. TOP Sellers already considering leaving ebay and then ebay makes more restrictions on them. Makes me think of King Solomon's son and how he destroyed the massive kingdom his father built by not listening to the people he ruled.
    6. I have already decided to put all my efforts in making more money outside of ebay. Currently, I make a large amount of money outside of ebay. Ironically, I do not spend no $4000 to generate the equivelant amount of money. Probably more like $2700 if it was proportioned out. eBay is becoming like the gas stations, except in the case of ebay, there are other options and we don't have to pay at the pump.

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